The Characteristics of a Functional Website.

If you're going to spend time and money on your online presence, don’t just create a site, make a great one - one that will move your business forward while making your life easier.


Your site is predominantly a presentation for your clients so you’re going to want something that makes your business look professional and gives your clients valuable information. Nothing should be left empty or look unfinished or malfunctioning. Use quality photography and relevant text. Consider using professional content creation. Regardless of how many megapixels your smartphone camera has, don't ever represent your company through photographs taken through your cell phone.

Often the most difficult and time-consuming part of creating a site design is the idea for making the website fun, interactive, and easy to use. Imagine your future site from the client’s perspective, or take a fresh look at your existing site. Is everything readily available - making purchases, filling out the contact form, looking up directions to your location? Consider the psychology of your client’s interaction with the webpage and ensure that it is optimal for what you want to accomplish – sell pants, share info, encourage social media activity, etc.


Don’t be afraid to use your imagination. There is a multitude of ways your site can function as a business tool. Want to edit your menu and print it out as pdf in minutes? Want to have an up to date calendar available to your clients allowing them to book and make payments online? Your site can do that. Understand your business needs and then ask how they can be satisfied.