Effective SEO – is it possible for a local, small business?

To prove definitively how many websites are registered poorly with search engines, perform the following exercise. The next time you run a search on Yahoo, Google, or Bing, instead of clicking promptly on one of the top results, scroll down to see the sheer magnitude of information available on subsequent pages. There, in the Search Engine Results Underworld, reside the vast majority of the world’s business sites. This netherworld is the guideline for success or failure when it comes to SEO – if you are found you are successful, if not, no.


Although the odds may seem daunting for a local business considering the amount of existing websites, there is a bright side. It is not the amount of cash you spend, but being found that matters, and there are ways to make SEO effective even on a small budget. Geo-targeting allows websites to be competitive in search results in their local areas of operation while avoiding competition with national brands operating on much greater budgets.


There, on your local level, the odds are stacked in your favor. Likely, if your business is unfit for running SEO, you wouldn’t have started it in the first place. Is there something unique about your particular establishment? Are there people who desire your services? Can you talk for hours about what you do? If you can generate abundant, unique, and relevant content, you can get your target market to find you online.


A smart SEO campaign can be beneficial for a venture of any size. It is a not an instant fix, and it is important to understand at least in principle what SEO is, and how SEO works before launching such a campaign. When it comes to time and money, the investment in SEO is front loaded, but over time, it will be a major and cost-effective force driving sales and name recognition.